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Benefits of Having an Invoicing System in Your Catering Software

Benefits of Having an Invoicing System in Your Catering Software

One of the most important aspects of running a catering business is having a reliable invoicing system. It helps you stay on top of your finances and ensures you get paid.

Fortunately, you don’t have to rely on outdated programs or write invoices by hand. You can get optimized catering software with ready-made invoices to do the work for you. The benefits of integrating with such platforms are manifold.

Building invoices effortlessly

A catering app lets you build invoices from scratch using simple techniques. Many programs are intuitive and don’t require much technical skill. All you need to do is provide client information and let the system take care of the rest. You can later save the invoice or use a template.

If you opt for templates, the platform can provide all the necessary details for future events with minimal input on your part:

  • Invoice number and date
  • Contact information and business name
  • Billing information
  • Description of the goods or services provided
  • The amount of money
  • Due dates
  • Sales tax

Setting prices easily

Catering jobs differ massively, but all clients like to know what you’ll charge them to prevent unpleasant surprises. This is where your pricing strategies come into play, and a catering platform can help you implement them. It gives you key information necessary to set prices for your services:

  • Ingredients
  • Equipment
  • Staffing
  • Marketing
  • Transport and delivery

Once you’ve completed your strategies, a catering program allows you to display them on your website. Transparency is critical to improving customer experience, and this is a simple method to accomplish it.

Help with deposits

Deposits aren’t mandatory for caterers, but they’re generally a wise decision. They offer cash flow upfront with jobs delivered, ensuring you always have some funds in your account. In addition, they help avoid the disruption and disappointment of a cancelled booking.

Your invoice software enables you to include deposits, allowing you to request a specific amount of money in advance. After your clients make their payments, you can also use your program to record them, facilitating finance management. Best of all, there’s no need to use a pen and paper, as you can send deposits from a mobile device or computer.

Communicating clear payment terms

You can increase the chances of receiving timely payments for your services by being upfront about payment terms. Using a catering platform is the best way to achieve this goal. It presents all information clearly, such as due dates and charges. There’s also no room for error associated with manual input, meaning your customers will get accurate details every time.

Reap the benefits of a polished platform

Setting up online invoicing for your catering business offers numerous advantages. Primarily, it facilitates financial operations and helps maintain an optimal customer experience.

FoodStorm can help you make light work of your invoicing and all other critical catering operations. Our app is compatible with businesses of any type or size and delivers superior customizability. To find out more about what we can do for your organization, reach out to us today.

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