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Back of House with Adrian McInnes

Back of House with Adrian McInnes

Get acquainted with the human-side of FoodStorm as we sit down for monthly interviews with the people who power our business.

Adrian McInnes, Operations Manager, spends his days managing FoodStorm’s operations and scale, and also manages the product development team and general business operations. Adrian brings a wealth of cross functional experience to the role, having started his career as a software engineer before succeeding to roles including Project Manager, Agile Coach, Pre-sales Engineer, and Solution Consultant. Adrian is a graduate of Monash University’s Software Engineering Program.

1) What do you enjoy most about working at FoodStorm?

The team at FoodStorm makes it the best place to work. On a Monday we can start with an idea, a few conversations or the occasional debate and by Friday we are releasing the latest and greatest new feature for our customer base! This can only happen in a place where everyone is motivated and aligned to be the best in the industry, whether it is the best product, the best support or the best service. We truly care for our catering customers and their customers alike.

2) Where do you see the catering industry & catering technology going in the future?

The catering industry has had so much thrown at it over the last few years, between the rise of real-time food ordering apps that have saturated the market while taking absurd fees to the impact on some caterers due to COVID, it's been a tough place to be in. The exciting thing is these pressures have transported catering into the future already and it's clear that caterers need a dedicated Catering Management Solution to support this.

Being part of FoodStorm while this evolution continues to occur is exciting! Whether it's the use of our Group Ordering feature for corporate customers returning to offices or seeing the additional $100,000’s in Abandoned Cart revenue our system has made for our customers in less than a year; there is just so much opportunity in the industry.

3) Tell us about your background that led to you joining the FoodStorm team:

Coming from a technology background my professional life has included programming, product development management, agile coaching and software sales. Gaining a wealth of experience across all departments of a SaaS organization previously, FoodStorm was my opportunity to put all this experience into practice at once. FoodStorm’s success story and impressive ability to create world leading catering software with a real lean and practical mentality really resonated with me. I knew by joining FoodStorm the outcomes of my decisions, my work efforts and my support for the team would result in benefits for our customers each and every week.

4) What are the values that drive you?

I find I’ve always been grateful for what I have, ensure I’ve made the most of it while I have it and then taken the next opportunity that presents itself.

5) How would you describe FoodStorm in 1 word?


6) In another life, I’m pretty sure I was...

A professional video game tester. I built my own arcade machine just so I can play all my old favorites.

7) If you could invent a holiday, what would it definitely involve?

Not sure about a holiday, but if I could invent a job it would be Chief Water Slide Tester.

8) What’s your favourite way to spend time off?

Hanging out with family and friends, and I love being on the water, surfing or windsurfing.

9) What’s next on your bucket list?

Convincing my kids to leave home at 18. I’ve still got 10 years to go…

10) If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Making people read all the way to the bottom of my blog posts 😜

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