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Omni-channel ordering

Customer expectations are rapidly evolving, so ensuring you’re meeting potential customers when and where they want to shop is crucial. That’s why our software provides a central location for all your ordering channels so you never miss a sale.

woman catering department associate helping a customer place a catering order in-store on a desktop with FoodStorm
Foodstorm Website Ordering


Our custom-branded e-commerce solution is built for catering and to your needs.

FoodStorm in-store ordering


Your in-store team can directly input customer orders into your FoodStorm system.

Foodstorm Kiosk Ordering


Self-service ordering and payment kiosks for your catering, made-to-order or even deli and bakery!

Instacart App Ordering

Instacart App

The exposure of Instacart paired with the power of FoodStorm. More than just a marketplace.

Foodstorm Phone and Email Ordering


Still get email and phone orders? These are easily managed through direct input by your team.

Order management

Being able to accept orders is one thing, but having purpose-built software made for busy catering operations allows for efficient order management. From forecasting to customer communication, production to delivery, FoodStorm provides extensive features to streamline your business.

Foodstorm Order Management

marketing tools

Better manage your customers to increase retention and grow sales. With email marketing tools, abandoned cart management and real-time customer feedback, you can market to your customers based on how, what and when they shop with you.

Kitchen display system

Arguably the most important part of your catering operations is the actual preparation and cooking of your food. With FoodStorm's KDS features your team can access live information about your upcoming orders, and even print order dockets in real time.


With flexible options and an extensive library of various logs, stats and reports, you can slash hours of work and improve accuracy. FoodStorm can provide whatever you need: departmental work orders, production logs, delivery reports or even custom reports and automatic report schedules.

example of a production report from FoodStorm and a Order Count graph from the FoodStorm dashboard

Payment & invoicing

Eliminate your payment headaches by using FoodStorm. PCI compliant online payments, deferred payment capability and custom invoicing. No matter how you allow your customers to pay, FoodStorm has a solution.

FoodStorm payment & invoicing


Your business runs on many systems, so ensuring those systems communicate is critical. FoodStorm integrates with leading programs across accounting, online payment, workforce management, marketing and point-of-sale to help reduce your manual labor and improve the accuracy of your valuable information.


Our software is built on a world-class technology stack, adhering to the strict international standards for data security and privacy. We aim to ensure your FoodStorm system is always available and your data is secure.

FoodStorm security

Built for the caterers of today

FoodStorm is your all-in-one catering management system, helping grow your sales and automate your processes.

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