Multiple use cases powered by one order management system

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Grocery Catering

Software tailored for a seamless grocery catering experience

Holiday Catering

Own peak holiday catering periods with FoodStorm

Everyday Catering

Whether its corporate catering or a celebration, FoodStorm can help capture and manage that demand

Real-Time Ordering

Power your made-to-order counters and service lines

How will the order process work?

5-15 minutes turnaround for immediate food ordering and fulfillment

Customer places order in-store or online
Order is sent to responsible department
Department staff confirms and produces order
Customer is notified order is ready for pickup

Deli Ordering

Unlock order ahead for your Deli, Meat and Seafood departments

How will the order process work?

Retailer defines weight settings for an item
Customer places an order online or in-store
Deli receives order with specifications & prepares
Final weight of item reconciled & price updated
Customer pays & receives their order

Custom Cakes

Offer a delightful ordering experience for your customers and streamlined production for your team

Display your various base, frosting and filling options, as well custom inscription
Dynamic pricing as your customers build their cake on your FoodStorm e-commerce storefront
Detailed order views for your team produce and fulfill with ease

Bakery Ordering

Enable order ahead for your bakery, empowering your team with purpose-built tools

Reduce preparation pressure in your bakery with real-time order management
Implement a self-service FoodStorm kiosk if you're short staffed
Bring more of your fresh food selection online, helping grow sales


If your store has a Floral department, sell your bouquets and arrangements alongside your food items

Create a dedicated Floral menu category on your FoodStorm-powered e-commerce site
Help your floral staff manage orders seamlessly
Offer combined food and floral packages to increase basket size

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I sell prepared foods and catering?

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What are more examples of the use cases FoodStorm serves?

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Is FoodStorm well suited to grocery and supermarket perimeter sections?

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Built for the best in the business

FoodStorm is your all-in-one prepared foods and catering management system, helping grow your sales and automate your processes.

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