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Feature Spotlight: Instacart Last Mile Delivery

Feature Spotlight: Instacart Last Mile Delivery

Fulfillment of orders is the final step in the order process, and with customer delivery expectations growing but labor staffing becoming more and more difficult, retailers could benefit from using different solutions to serve their customers. Cue Last Mile Delivery! 

What is Last Mile Delivery?

Last Mile Delivery (LMD) in a general sense is the last leg of the delivery of goods from a supplier to their customer, fulfilled by a separate company than the original supplier. Instacart’s Last Mile Delivery service uses Instacart Shoppers to pick up and deliver orders from the retailer to the appropriate customer. Some of the key LMD features now available in FoodStorm include:

  • Retailer selection of single or bulk orders for fulfillment by Instacart LMD
  • LMD scheduling up to 7 days in advance to alleviate logistics pressure
  • Support for 30 minutes to 2 hours delivery windows
  • Real-time delivery ETA and key order step notifications for FoodStorm users
Stylized graphic showing the Deliveries page within the FoodStorm App with the new addition to select orders for fulfillment by Instacart

How can Last Mile Delivery help my grocery catering business?

Last Mile Delivery with Instacart can help FoodStorm users by creating another avenue for fulfillment to replace and/or complement current delivery options. With Instacart LMD so widely available across North America, this service can greatly benefit US and Canada based FoodStorm users. Examples of how LMD can help your grocery business include:

  • Complementing existing delivery services to allow for increased sales during peak periods
  • Reducing the number of systems you use to receive, manage and fulfill orders by using FoodStorm and Instacart’s integrated Platform solutions
  • Reducing the amount of manual work, administrative hours and margin for human error when transferring orders between systems, helping save time and money

Partner with best in grocery catering and fulfillment

Working with the best technology partners can help streamline your catering operations. And working with the best technology partner that offers a suite of integrated online and in-store solutions to meet your needs and help you grow into your future business aspirations is what sets you apart. 

Contact us today to discuss how FoodStorm can help you reach your goals.

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