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Holiday menu management with flexible business rules and menu restrictions.

Order channel consolidation that provides a complete view of production requirements during peak season.

Customer pickup time slots for smooth in-store pickup processes and line management.

Supporting the best in holiday catering

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How FoodStorm integrates into your holiday catering operations

FoodStorm integrates with InstacartFoodStorm integrates with Instacart

In-Store Fulfillment Enhancements

Offering a seamless ordering experience is important, but it’s equally important for your staff and customers to have an easy in-store fulfillment experience. To better serve these needs, the FoodStorm team is proud to announce our latest suite of features; In-Store Fulfillment Enhancements.

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Holiday Peak Enhancements

During holiday periods, caterers often see huge jumps in orders, sometimes 5x, 10x, or even 20x the business they do during a non-peak period. With this massive influx of orders, caterers need the flexibility to support seasonal menus and ordering channels and tools to help their teams manage and fulfill those orders successfully.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FoodStorm provide support during different holiday seasons?

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Can I offer a custom menu for different holidays using FoodStorm?

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Can FoodStorm handle the increased demand during holiday seasons?

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FoodStorm is your all-in-one prepared foods and catering management system, helping grow your sales and automate your processes.

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