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Grow your perimeter counter sales with kiosk ordering

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Provide an intuitive, in-store ordering channel for your perimeter counters.

Bring more of your assortment online for increased sales.

Give your departments the right tools for streamlined production.

Simplify your perimeter counter order management with FoodStorm.

Bringing the power of kiosk ordering to the best in grocery

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How FoodStorm's kiosk ordering integrates into your perimeter operations

FoodStorm integrates with InstacartFoodStorm integrates with Instacart
Autonomous customer ordering
Optional payment terminal/POS integration
Custom branding to match your brand
Instacart menu edits and publishing
Departmental orders sent to your FoodStorm Kitchen Display Systems
Ability for multiple kiosks in one store

Frequently Asked Questions

Can FoodStorm be used for grocery kiosk ordering?

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How can adding a grocery kiosk ordering help my prepared foods and catering business?

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What are the benefits of offering grocery kiosk ordering?

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