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Being able to more easily add and sell made-to-order items through your FoodStorm Storefront e-commerce website.

Providing a better ordering experience for customers when they make customization selections for their made-to-order items.

Creating improved reporting features for made-to-order items for a smoother in-store team experience while producing these items.

Reducing the number of programs and processes to accurately sell and fulfill orders, minimizing admin work and chance for error.

Fulfill your orders and deliver to customers

  • Option for 1 choice (i.e. temperature)
  • Options for multiple choices (i.e. sandwich fillings)
  • Mandatory or optional choices
  • Selection templates which enable you to more easily

Helping the best in grocery unlock their bakery

Effective features for streamlined bakery processes

Dynamic pricing whilst the made-to-order item is being built, providing pricing transparency to customers.
Real-time order notifications via our Kitchen Display System powered by Department Orders.
Point-of-sale integrations for ease of financial transaction processing.
Instacart App integration to enable promotion and ordering of these items on an additional channel.

How FoodStorm integrates into your bakery operations

FoodStorm integrates with InstacartFoodStorm integrates with Instacart
FoodStorm Made-to-Order Items

Item Enhancements

Custom cakes, fresh sandwiches, hot pizza and even floral arrangements; made-to-order items are big business. FoodStorm makes it easier than ever to sell these types of made-to-order items online and manage their production in-store. This functionality can help massively expand a retailer's online selection while creating true in-store operational efficiencies, and providing an engaging online customer ordering experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does FoodStorm enhance bakery ordering?

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How does FoodStorm handle the complexity of custom cake orders, including design and flavor options?

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Is FoodStorm suitable for managing custom cake orders?

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