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Department-specific order pages.

Visual and audible order notifications.

Kitchen Display system (KDS) accessible on any device.

Docket printer integration.

Supporting made-to-order operations for the best in grocery

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How FoodStorm integrates into your made-to-order operations

FoodStorm integrates with InstacartFoodStorm integrates with Instacart
FoodStorm Made-to-Order Items

Item Enhancements

Custom cakes, fresh sandwiches, hot pizza and even floral arrangements; made-to-order items are big business. FoodStorm makes it easier than ever to sell these types of made-to-order items online and manage their production in-store. This functionality can help massively expand a retailer's online selection while creating true in-store operational efficiencies, and providing an engaging online customer ordering experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FoodStorm offer any solutions for handling last-minute orders effectively?

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How will customers know what they’re ordering?

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Does FoodStorm support real-time ordering for customers?

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Built for the best in the business

FoodStorm is your all-in-one prepared foods and catering management system, helping grow your sales and automate your processes.

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