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Enable omnichannel ordering with a central order repository.

Set up multiple store locations and departments.

E-commerce site built for grocery catering.

Integrate with your preferred point-of-sale.

Powering the best in grocery catering

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How FoodStorm integrates into your grocery catering operations

FoodStorm integrates with InstacartFoodStorm integrates with Instacart

The FoodStorm 
Self-Service Kiosk

Short staffed? Our kiosk technology offers an autonomous customer ordering experience, fully integrated into your FoodStrom backend.Set up a kiosk in front of your deli counter, bakery or catering department for customers to place, edit and pay for their orders. You can have multiple kiosks in your stores, brand them to your company, and have configurable menus you can update whenever you like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can FoodStorm help me manage my grocery catering inventory?

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What are the benefits of integrating FoodStorm with my existing grocery store systems?

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How does FoodStorm support grocery catering?

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Built for the best in the business

FoodStorm is your all-in-one prepared foods and catering management system, helping grow your sales and automate your processes.

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