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Supports incremental weight, such as shaved deli meats and cheeses.

Supports approximate weights, such as lobster tails or racks of lamb.

Supports approximate weight ranges, such as Thanksgiving turkeys.

How will the order process work?

Retailer defines weight settings for an item
Customer places an order online or in-store
Deli receives order with specifications & prepares
Final weight of item reconciled & price updated
Customer pays & receives their order

Helping the best in grocery unlock their deli

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How FoodStorm integrates into your deli operations

FoodStorm integrates with InstacartFoodStorm integrates with Instacart
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Weighted Items

In FoodStorm's largest expansion of features and functionality, retailers can now sell their weighted items through our platform! From Thanksgiving turkeys, to shaved meats and cheeses, to fresh seafood and butchered meats; grocers can unlock their weighted assortment with FoodStorm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does FoodStorm support delivery and pick-up options for deli orders?

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How does FoodStorm help with special requests and customizations in deli orders?

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Can FoodStorm be integrated with deli operations in grocery stores?

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