QuickBooks Accounting Software


FoodStorm’s integration with QuickBooks lets you keep your bookkeeping data up to date with no extra data entry. Transfer all order, invoice, and payment details from FoodStorm to QuickBooks without wasting time on manual input. Do away with double entry and boost data accuracy while saving time. Easily track expenses, customise your invoices, and run reports from the synced data.

Connect FoodStorm and QuickBooks for end-to-end catering management

The FoodStorm and QuickBooks integration lets you streamline the bookkeeping side of your operations. You can easily access the latest customer insights, payments and invoicing, and cash-flow data, giving you a clearer picture of your catering business.

Customer insights – Sync customer data from FoodStorm into QuickBooks with a few clicks to facilitate easy customer management and up-to-date data.

Streamline data migration – Integrate FoodStorm with QuickBooks and you’ll be able to transfer your items, customers invoices and payments into QuickBooks

Never miss an invoice – FoodStorm automatically emails invoices to your catering customers on the day of delivery.

Record customer deposits – Get updates on customer deposits and outstanding balances by syncing the latest data from FoodStorm into QuickBooks.

Real-time cash-flow management – With automated data transfers into QuickBooks, you can see your true cash-flow position in real time and fully leverage your billing, payments and invoicing data.

Migrate invoices – Avoid manual invoice entry. Create invoices in FoodStorm and send them into QuickBooks for effortless updates.

Track surcharges and extras – Have data credit card surcharges, and extras like agency fees and disbursements synced into QuickBooks without the need for manual data entry.

About FoodStorm

FoodStorm is a state-of-the-art all-in-one software solution designed especially for the needs of catering, takeaway, and restaurant operations. From CRM and order tracking to staff rostering and run schedules, FoodStorm’s powerful suite of tools streamlines your processes, helping you achieve great efficiency and fully leverage your time and resources.

What you can do with FoodStorm:

  • Manage orders and deliveries in real time
  • Print invoices, packing slips, and run sheets
  • Offer customers online self-service ordering and payments
  • Secure payment processing
  • Manage dispatch and delivery tracking with packing slips, stickers and run schedules
  • Integrate with accounting and online-payment systems
  • Accept online payments
  • Generate detailed production reports
  • Get ongoing support from our expert team

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a leading cloud-based accounting solution with powerful invoicing, payroll, and payment tools ideal for catering businesses. Integrate it with FoodStorm to sync your invoicing and order data.

With QuickBooks, you can do the following.

  • Invoicing – QuickBooks offers customisable invoicing features including colours and branding. Build from a template and email customers their latest invoice in minutes. Prepare invoices on any device and schedule recurring invoices.
  • Payroll – Manage payroll QuickBooks and effortlessly track PAYG withholding and superannuation. QuickBooks is Single Touch Payroll compliant, helping you keep up with reporting and compliance.
  • Payments – Record and track payments, and send invoices through QuickBooks if you prefer.
  • Mobile – QuickBooks provides rich mobile features, so you and your team can track expenses, create reports, invoice customers, do banking, and keep up with projects on the go.
  • GST and BAS – QuickBooks helps you track GST and add GST to invoices. With it, you can quickly review and get accurate BAS calculations to stay compliant.
  • Reporting – Get up-to-date financial data – including profit and loss, balance sheet, and company snapshots – to support smarter, timely business decisions for your catering operations.

Connect FoodStorm and QuickBooks

It’s easy! Simply contact us to discuss how you can integrate QuickBooks with FoodStorm Catering Software.