QuickBooks Software Disconnection


Your QuickBooks and FoodStorm integration has been disconnected. This means you won’t be able to use the QuickBooks features in FoodStorm.

Quickbooks disconnection

These features you will be unable to use include the following:

  • Transfer your order, invoice, and payment data from FoodStorm into QuickBooks with just a few easy clicks – for better accuracy and no double or manual inputting of data.
  • Track expenses and get the latest updated customer data insights in QuickBooks by transferring data from FoodStorm.
  • Get real-time cash-flow from your FoodStorm invoice, and payment data for an accurate view of your business.
  • Transfer customer deposits from FoodStorm as well as outstanding balances, surcharges, and extras like agency fees and disbursements into QuickBooks.

The importance of accounting software

Accounting solutions support accurate recording keeping, tax compliance, and better use of time and resources in your small business or catering operations.

  • Eliminate manual processes – You can eliminate a lot of manual processes, including manual recording and generating of invoices and reports.
  • Financial records – With a centralised system for payroll and invoicing, your financial records are better organised and more accurate.
  • In-depth insights – An accounting platform lets you conduct ongoing financial reviews and make smarter decisions, as you can access data and generate in-depth reports at a click.
  • Accessibility of data – You can find out your updated payables, receivables, and cash flow status at a glance.
  • Complex calculations – The software solution does complex calculations on your behalf, minimising the risk of human error.
  • Scalability – It grows with your business and lets you scale up when you increase your customer base, transaction numbers, and other processes.
  • Manage receivables – You can better manage accounts receivables with computerised invoicing and billing.
  • Mobility – You and your team can take your books on the go and access all your accounting data on your mobile devices.

Reconnect FoodStorm and Quickbooks

It’s easy! If you would like to re-connect your FoodStorm and QuickBooks accounts, contact us to discuss.