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Feature Spotlight: Holiday Peak Enhancements

Feature Spotlight: Holiday Peak Enhancements

During holiday periods, caterers often see huge jumps in orders, sometimes 5x, 10x, or even 20x the business they do during a non-peak period. With this massive influx of orders, caterers need the flexibility to support seasonal menus and ordering channels and tools to help their teams manage and fulfill those orders successfully. The FoodStorm team has been working diligently to develop and launch a huge package of feature enhancements to support these processes. This will ensure caterers can manage their unique holiday menus, in-store processes and customer pickup flow during these peak catering periods in time for the 2022 holiday season. Continue reading to learn more about this exciting launch of FoodStorm’s Holiday Peak Enhancements.

What are Holiday Peak Enhancements?

Holiday Peak Enhancements is the collection of features within FoodStorm that allows retailers to successfully manage their holiday menus and items, as well as better serve their customers during order pickup. During these peak periods retailers have many considerations, including examples such as:

  • Quantity limits on specific items (i.e. a finite amount of Thanksgiving turkeys)
  • Certain menus/items being available only during certain time periods (i.e. Christmas cookies throughout December)
  • Multiple menus/items that may cross over in availability (i.e. dinner rolls that are on a standard catering menu and Thanksgiving menu)
  • Customer pickup time slot limits (i.e. needing line and crowd management to ensure smooth order pickup from their stores)


With all these considerations and business rules, administrative work to ensure a retailer’s online menus and online ordering website are correctly set up can easily become cumbersome and error-prone. With FoodStorm’s Holiday Peaks Enhancements, retailers can now easily and intuitively set up all these special menus, item availability and pickup time slot limits to maximize their holiday catering seasons.

How can Holiday Peaks Enhancements help my grocery catering business?

In short, Holiday Peak Enhancements can help your grocery catering business by providing smarter menu management and order pickup features to ensure you can serve as many customers as possible within your operational means. This means maximizing orders, efficiency and revenue. More specifically, Holiday Peaks Enhancement features can help catering businesses in ways such as:

  • Providing an overview of holiday menus and items, and their related catering rules, to ensure everything is set up properly
  • Reducing repetitive clicking and screen flipping while setting up holiday menus by bringing features into a consolidated page and view
  • Improving bulk import and export of menus with enhanced name matching to streamline setup and reduce duplication errors
  • Pickup time slot limits shown during the customer checkout process and admin order entry process, notifying the user of ‘full’, ‘filling’ or ‘available’ windows for better pickup management


stylized graphic of a mobile phone showing the order checkout process with the pickup time slot limits, detailing a visually appealing notification system to show the user what time slots are available, filling or full in color coded text
Illustrative example of FoodStorm's pickup time slot limit notice.

Take control of your holiday catering season with FoodStorm

If your teams are left feeling overwhelmed and overworked after your busy holiday periods, know there is a better way to manage your operations. FoodStorm has over 15 years of experience in the catering technology industry and has helped hundreds of caterers worldwide transform their operations and streamline their processes.

Contact us today to learn more about how FoodStorm can help you get the most out of your peak catering periods.

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