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Feature Spotlight: In-Store Fulfillment Enhancements

Feature Spotlight: In-Store Fulfillment Enhancements

Offering a seamless ordering experience is important, but it’s equally important for your staff and customers to have an easy in-store fulfillment experience. To better serve these needs, the FoodStorm team is proud to announce our latest suite of features; In-Store Fulfillment Enhancements.

What are In-Store Fulfillment Enhancements?

In-Store Fulfillment Enhancements are a collection of features and a new user interface within the FoodStorm app that make the fulfillment of orders simpler for in-store staff and customers, which is especially helpful during peak holiday catering periods. Some key features now available in FoodStorm include:

  • Improved user interface for in store operations showing:

          + Daily pickup orders

          + Payment status

          + Final weight reconciliation capabilities

          + Digital “tick off” boxes for each item in an order

  • Charging customers once an order is marked “Complete”
  • Order lookup via barcode scanners

Tablet device showing the new FoodStorm Pickup screen

How can In-Store Fulfillment Enhancements help my grocery catering business?

When operating during peak periods, smooth processes and technology systems in place are paramount, especially when you’re dealing with high volumes of customers and their orders. Examples of how In-Store Fulfillment Enhancements can help your grocery business include:

  • Providing in-store teams with an intuitive interface when gathering multiple items for a single order and more clearly showing order and payment status for more accurate fulfillment
  • Allowing in-store teams to quickly fetch order information within your FoodStorm system by scanning a barcode to bring the corresponding order up on a mobile device
  • Allowing for final weight of weighted items, such as Thanksgiving turkeys, to be entered on the new user interface, helping streamline this time-consuming process
  • Reducing the number of credits, refunds and recharging customers by allowing orders to be paid upon completion, not only placement or deferred payment

Handheld barcode scanning device with a FoodStorm order displayed on the screen

Give your team and customers a better experience

Working with the best technology partners can help streamline your catering operations. And working with the best technology partner that offers a suite of integrated online and in-store solutions to meet your needs and help you grow into your future business aspirations is what sets you apart. 

Contact us today to discuss how FoodStorm can help you reach your goals.

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