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3 Considerations When Choosing Your Catering Software and Technology Business Partners

3 Considerations When Choosing Your Catering Software and Technology Business Partners

The grocery and foodservice industries are going through a digital transformation where customers are expecting a seamless experience across multiple channels. The vast majority of grocery and foodservice businesses don’t have the resources to manage and capitalize on this digital transformation themselves, so looking externally for software and technology partners becomes the answer. But not all software and technology partners are created equal. Knowing what considerations and attributes to keep in mind when choosing your catering software and technology partners can ensure a smooth digital transformation for your company, but also pay off in the future as they help you grow and change to maximize your market share. Read our top three considerations to keep in mind as you choose your catering software and technology partner.

3 considerations when choosing your catering software and technology partners

Find partners that are not just willing, but able to grow with you

When researching and engaging your prospective partners, ensure you understand the state of their business, their resources and their ability to serve various types and sizes of customers. If your business opens up new locations, can they support that? If you start doing business with a client who needs specific security measures built in, can your potential partners work with you to ensure your and your customers’ cyber security?

For the past decade FoodStorm and Instacart have each been working with businesses just getting started up to vast, national brands, helping address their needs at each stage of their journey. And now that FoodStorm has joined the Instacart family, businesses that decide to partner with us get the best of both worlds; the pioneer of grocery delivery and the world leading catering software.

Prioritize innovation and forward-thinking strategy with your partners

Customers now have more choice than ever, compounded by the continually emerging channels of which to make those choices. So not only are grocers and foodservice businesses seeing increased competition through the sheer number of competitors, but they are needing to meet their customers where they are shopping, which is now an omni-channel environment. If your partners aren’t aggressively focused on developing and delivering solutions for this omni-channel world, then you could miss out on opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

By partnering with the teams at FoodStorm and Instacart, you can rest assured knowing innovation is built into the fabric of our company. Instacart Platform launches new omni-channel capabilities for businesses, improving the customer experience online and in-store, helping digitize the end-to-end grocery operation.

Focus on working with the experts, not all-rounders

When selecting the software and technology partners you plan to build your business with and around, you could be better suited to choose companies that are experts in their field and not trying to do a little bit of everything.

FoodStorm has over 15 years of research and development experience in the catering technology industry, and Instacart has spent the last decade becoming a retail enablement platform, helping grocers grow their business with technology that will power the future of grocery. From order management, eCommerce, fulfillment, in-store solutions, advertising and data insights, FoodStorm and Instacart can be your one-stop shop for catering and grocery technology.

FoodStorm and Instacart can power your future

When selecting your software and technology partners it is important to not just be reactive to current industry and customer demands, but to find partners that are pioneering in what they do and helping to set the course that others follow.

Contact FoodStorm or Instacart today to learn how we can help your business now and for many years to come.

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