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Feature Spotlight: Closure Enhancements

Feature Spotlight: Closure Enhancements

Catering and food service businesses generally experience peak busy periods, such as holidays, seasonal events or even just weekend rushes. With these varying influxes of customer demand, managers and operators need to have flexible and comprehensive control over how they offer their services and manage online orders. Now with FoodStorm’s enhancements to the Closures functionality, caterers have maximum flexibility and control.

What are Closure enhancements?

Firstly, Closures within the FoodStorm system are a way to block out dates and times that your business will not accept online orders, such as if you’re closed every Monday. The recent enhancements made to Closures now gives users more options on how to set up their closures, including separating deliveries and pickups with specific restrictions, allowing for certain hours to be closed off, and easily displaying your blacked out dates for customers when they are checking out online.

How do Closure enhancements help my catering business?

Every catering and food service business is unique in its operations. When more options for custom control over when you offer your services are provided by your technology partner, the better you can serve your customers and run your business. Some key benefits of our Closure enhancements functionality include:

  • Limiting a closure to just deliveries or pickups for any given day. For example, if you’re unable to make deliveries on a busy day, but can still accept in-store pickup orders.
  • Setting restricted delivery or pickup hours for any given day. For example, if you offer only morning deliveries, but afternoon pickups.
  • The ability to confirm future online orders that come in during a closure day.
  • For users on our FoodStorm Website Builder, customers moving through their online checkout process will experience a responsive date picker, showing blacked out dates for closures and adjusting available time slots for delivery or pickup based on the closure rules.

Your partner in catering technology is here

With over 15 years of research and development in the catering technology space and working with some of the world’s biggest names in catering, the FoodStorm team is ready to partner with you to take your business to the next level.

Contact us today to learn more about what FoodStorm can do for you.

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