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Feature Spotlight: Customer Feedback Tool

Feature Spotlight: Customer Feedback Tool

Being in the catering and food service industry means your customers’ experience with you is paramount to your business success. But how to go about gathering feedback to ensure you’re delivering quality to your patrons? Why FoodStorm’s Customer Feedback Tool of course!

What is the Customer Feedback Tool?

The Customer Feedback Tool sends an automatic email to your customers after their order has been completed. This allows your customers to rate you out of five stars along with a comment section to provide qualitative feedback about their experience.

How can the Customer Feedback Tool help my catering business?

Implementing the Customer Feedback Tool can help you and your business gain valuable insight into how your customers experience your catering offering, and quickly deal with negative experiences. This can help shape how you operate in the future, resolve issues, and develop new ideas based on customer requests. Some high level benefits of using this FoodStorm feature include:

  • Ability to customise yourCustomer Feedback emails to match your brand and language;
  • Instant email notification of customer ratings set to a certain star level (i.e. if you receive a 1-star rating);
  • View average feedback ratings on the FoodStorm Dashboard
  • Run Feedback Reports to analyse any trends happening for better business decisions.

One FoodStorm customer, Janssen’s Market, was able to “save Thanksgiving,” over the 2020 holiday period. One of their customers gave them a 1-star rating because the Thanksgiving turkey was left out of their order. Janssen’s Market was able to immediately act on that feedback and deliver the missing turkey in time for their customer’s dinner!

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