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Feature Spotlight: Caper Cart Integration

Feature Spotlight: Caper Cart Integration

As grocery technology continues to move towards connecting the online and in-store experience, the FoodStorm team has launched an exciting new integration within the Instacart Connected Stores suite of products: Order Ahead on Caper Cart! 

What is the Caper Cart integration?

The Caper Cart is a smart shopping cart, providing in-store customers an experiential interface with the ability to sync shopping lists, make recommendations based on what they add to the cart, find items in the store and checkout directly on the cart. And now by integrating with FoodStorm, Caper Cart users can order ahead from the deli, bakery and even made-to-order items such as sandwiches or pizza from the retailer, directly on their cart. Some of the key features include:

  • Clear visibility into your Order Ahead selection on your Caper Cart
  • Order notifications so customers can continue to shop while their items are being prepared
  • Department Orders compatible, so if in-store customers order a fresh pizza from your food service counter and shaved meats from your deli, the appropriate teams get the appropriate item order
  • Checkout directly on the Caper Cart with other grocery items, all in one transaction
Example of the Order Ahead order process for in-store customers.

How can this integration help my grocery business?

For retailers who have partnered with FoodStorm or Caper, this integration provides the opportunity to compound that original investment by unlocking another Order Ahead channel for prepared foods. More specifically, this can benefit your grocery business by:

  • Encouraging Order Ahead and Made-to-Order item promotion
  • Providing in-store customers an effortless ordering experience
  • Allowing in-store customers to continue to shop while order notifications alert them 
  • Helping reduce in-store queues and preparation stress
  • Caper Cart orders flowing seamlessly to your FoodStorm OMS for easy production and fulfillment

Unlock Order Ahead on your Caper Carts 

Capitalize on your technology investments with systems that integrate. Book your demo today to learn how FoodStorm can help your business.

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