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Feature Spotlight: Dynamic Delivery Times

Feature Spotlight: Dynamic Delivery Times

Here at FoodStorm, we take customer feedback seriously and pride ourselves on continually innovating to develop truly useful software features for our customers and our customers’ customers. That means we routinely examine existing features to see if and how we can refresh them to make them even more impactful to users. We’ve done just that with our newest Dynamic Delivery Times project!

What are the new features?

This upgrade focused on major re-architecture of core FoodStorm components to make managing deliveries & pick-ups easier than ever, as well as introduce new functionality for users. Our existing Delivery Time Slots have been replaced with a simpler method for configuring time windows. As well as updates to streamline and unify our backend delivery time system.

Some of the newest features within Dynamic Delivery Times include:

  • Ability to have different Delivery vs Pickup time windows
  • Ability to have custom Delivery and Pickup time increments
  • Per store time windows for businesses with multiple locations
  • End-user interface improvements on customers’ ecommerce checkout page

How can Dynamic Delivery Times help my catering business?

Not every business operates in a one-size-fits-all manner, so being able to configure and customize the systems that help you successfully operate is crucial. FoodStorm understands each customer we partner with has unique needs, and the Dynamic Delivery Times upgrade helps to put more power and ownership in their hands to better run their business. The new Delivery Time features can help your catering business in ways such as:

  • Preparing your business for specific rushes during known peak times or special events
  • Allowing your end customers to understand autonomously what dates and times they can place delivery and pickup orders
  • Ensuring your staff isn’t underprepared by setting per location delivery and pickup time windows
  • Being able to take advantage of shorter pickup times if you can turn orders around quickly, while also keeping your delivery times longer to ensure your best customer service

backend user view of foodstorm software showing dynamic delivery times selections

Feel empowered by your catering software

You know what your business needs to operate smoothly and FoodStorm wants to help put more control in your hands so your unique needs are always met. Contact our team today to schedule your no-obligation demo and see what FoodStorm could do for you.

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