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Feature Spotlight: Enhanced Made-to-Order Item Support

Feature Spotlight: Enhanced Made-to-Order Item Support

Custom cakes, fresh sandwiches, or a special floral arrangement; made-to-order items are big business for retailers. And being able to sell these items online can enable massive exposure, helping grow sales. That’s why FoodStorm is proud to announce our latest major improvement in functionality, enhanced support for made-to-order items, making selling and managing these types of products easier than ever before. 

What are made-to-order items?

Cakes, pizza’s, sandwiches, burritos, flowers, coffee, the list goes on! Made-to-order items are any item that has options for how it should be prepared. For example, if a retailer offers custom cakes from their bakery, these would be considered made-to-order items, as a customer would need to choose the cake flavor, base frosting, accent frosting, and perhaps even a message for the top. Another example would be freshly made sandwiches. When placing this order, a customer would need to choose their bread type, meat, cheese, vegetables and sauces or spreads. FoodStorm’s enhanced made-to-order item functionality allows retailers to more easily unlock this assortment of items within their store to be sold and managed via our order management system. Some of the key features include:

  • Settings to help serve all made-to-order item uses cases, such as:
  • Option for 1 choice (i.e. temperature)
  • Options for multiple choices (i.e. sandwich fillings)
  • Mandatory or optional choices
  • Selection templates which enable you to more easily 
  • Dynamic pricing whilst the made-to-order item is being built
  • Compatibility with Department Orders functionality and our FoodStorm Kitchen Display System which allows your store team to receive and produce orders in real-time
  • Point-of-sale system integrations
  • Instacart Marketplace integration to enable promotion and ordering of these items on an additional channel

A little girl blowing our birthday candles on a cake with an example of the FoodStorm Storefront e-commerce website, showing custom cake ordering functionality.
Bring your custom cake offering online with FoodStorm.

How can made-to-order items help my grocery business?

By unlocking the entire made-to-order item assortment within a retailer’s bakery, catering, deli, meat, floral and foodservice operations, they can increase sales opportunities, provide a better customer and employee experience, as well as reduce administrative tasks. More specifically, this can benefit your grocery business by:

  • Being able to more easily add and sell made-to-order items through your FoodStorm Storefront e-commerce website
  • Providing a better ordering experience for customers when they make customization selections for their made-to-order items
  • Creating improved reporting features for made-to-order items for a smoother in-store team experience while producing these items
  • Reducing the number of programs and processes to accurately sell and fulfill made-to-order items orders, minimizing admin work and chance for error

Bring the power of ordering ahead to your made-to-order items 

With FoodStorm it’s never been easier to use one system to power your foodservice ordering and order management experiences. 

Book your demo today to learn how FoodStorm can help your business.

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