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Feature Spotlight: Instacart App Integration

Feature Spotlight: Instacart App Integration

As customer expectations continue to evolve and demand for seamless shopping experiences - both online and offline - grow, catering businesses need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure they remain competitive for customer dollars. One way of achieving this is to ensure your catering offering is shoppable online through the various platforms and websites where potential customers are looking. The Instacart App is an online grocery marketplace that connects customers to their favorite retailers, increasing consumer access to food, all in one convenient place. So what if your grocery business offers catering and prepared meals? FoodStorm now integrates with the Instacart App so you can enjoy the exposure of this marketplace with the power of FoodStorm Catering Software for order management. 

What is the Instacart App Integration?

Connecting the Instacart App to FoodStorm allows retailers to receive orders from their Instacart App account to FoodStorm for seamless catering management. This connection allows catering items to be sold on the Instacart App, while providing the power of FoodStorm for the order management process. Additionally, after the catering orders are produced, the orders will be fulfilled via an Instacart Shopper.

How can the Instacart App Integration help my grocery catering business?

By having your catering items available on multiple platforms, you have an opportunity to receive more orders. The Instacart App is a widely used marketplace for grocery items, household goods and meal orders. This functionality allows you to increase the exposure of your catering items through your Instacart App listing while having your catering orders funnel through to your FoodStorm system for seamless order production and management. Some examples of how the Instacart App Integration can help your grocery catering business are:

  • Those who sell via the Instacart App and have a catering offering can now enjoy the many benefits of having a built-for-grocery order management system with FoodStorm
  • Increased awareness of your catering items by promoting them at the top of your Instacart App page
  • Ability to run specials on your catering items via the Instacart App
  • Providing your customers with a seamless ordering experience for all your items, grocery and catering, on one platform
  • Providing a cutting edge, secure catering solution that your in-house technology teams could only dream of
  • Your employees only needing to learn one process for catering order management, as no matter how the catering order comes in, they are all funneled into your FoodStorm Order Management System

Build Your Catering Future with FoodStorm

The FoodStorm team understands the nuances of the catering industry. We’re ready to partner with you wherever you are in your catering journey to establish and grow your business.  

Get in touch today to learn how FoodStorm can help.

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