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The Importance of Catering Software Integrations

The Importance of Catering Software Integrations

The introduction of catering software is one of the best ways to optimize your catering operations. But you can’t use just any system. It needs to support integrations with the rest of your programs to maximize efficiency and reduce errors across all departments.

In this article, we’ll explore the significance of catering platform integrations.

Instant generation of financial reports

There are numerous benefits of catering and accounting software integration. The greatest may be instantaneous financial reports.

You no longer have to wait for your administrative assistant to put together monthly reports. Accounting platforms come with pre-made reports that are automatically updated. Within seconds, you can access your income statements, balance sheet or cash flow statements to obtain critical financial insights. Best of all, integrating these platforms with your catering app allows you to customize the reports according to your needs.

Synchronizing financial data

Caterers who store their data on multiple platforms (e.g. payroll services, credit card accounts and bank accounts) often need hours to collect necessary data. Integrating with accounting software eliminates that hassle.

It syncs information from your accounting tools using API. Therefore, there’s no need to download the data from individual sources and waste time entering it into records.

Multiple payment methods

Incorporating multiple payment gateways into your catering app is another wise move. Accepting all payment forms can sometimes make or break the chances of landing clients.

With modern systems, you can accept the most widely-used payment methods, including major credit cards, EMV chip, contactless transactions and PIN debit. By following the latest payment trends, you’ll keep your clients happy and interested in more catering events.

Marketing improvements

Integrating with marketing software can make catering staff more efficient and improve your marketing reach. It frees up your team’s time to work on strategic projects instead of performing repetitive tasks, such as social media posting. With an automated system doing the work, your department can focus on planning future events and reaching more customers. Marketing integrations also allow you to consistently communicate with your customers across multiple channels, which is a positive when you’re trying to stay top of mind for people looking for catering services.

Effortless inventory tracking

Caterers who integrate their catering software with a point-of-sale system enjoy first-rate stock/inventory tracking. After receiving new items, all you need to do is scan them and enter quantities. The system will record them automatically, saving time and preventing errors associated with manual input.

Improved customer relationship

Your business can also gain from catering and CRM software integration. It offers lots of benefits, including real-time sales information. You can instantly see detailed customer history, allowing you to understand their requirements when preparing quotes or placing orders.

In addition, CRM integrations can group your clients based on sales information. You can use these details to improve marketing activities. For instance, you can check out new customers, clients who haven’t ordered recently, and top spenders. With this data, you can decide how to go about different customer groups to maximize sales.

Ease of staff management

Catering is a huge team effort, especially for those who offer event catering. Having software that integrates with your staff management system can help you get your scheduling sorted.

For example, when you integrate your catering and staff management systems, you can simply create a new catering order, specify the positions needed and shifts required, then select the appropriate staff members. No more cross checking or having to memorize everyone’s availability!

Integrations are a must-have

Pairing up your catering platform with different integrations lets you expedite work in all major departments. Many apps can help you accomplish this goal, but none of them is as versatile as FoodStorm.

Our platform is a top-rated catering management application that supports integrations with best-of-breed software. It provides support for high-quality programs, like Mailchimp, Deputy, Quickbooks, Xero and Zapier. With all systems communicating with each other, your company can thrive in no time.

Contact our committed team today and see why FoodStorm is a perfect match for your organization.

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