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How Catering Software Helps Your Order Management Process

How Catering Software Helps Your Order Management Process

Foodservice businesses such as caterers, grocers and restaurants know that a conducive system set up to properly manage their order processes can make or break their operations. With multiple facets involved in preparing and fulfilling fresh food orders, such as order taking, food preparation, fulfillment and financial transactions; having efficient procedures and appropriate tools in place is paramount. That’s why incorporating catering software like FoodStorm can help maximize your teams’ productivity, streamline customer ordering and administrative tasks, all while helping you grow sales and your business. But how exactly does FoodStorm improve the order process? Hear from a FoodStorm customer in our video below.

How FoodStorm improves the order process step-by-step

1) Order placement

By using catering software like FoodStorm, you are able to set up an omni-channel ordering platform for your foodservice business. This means you can accept orders from a variety of channels, all funneling into one order management system, including:

  • Your e-commerce website,
  • Via phone or email with an associate,
  • In-store with an associate,
  • In-store via the FoodStorm Kiosk, and
  • Via Instacart App.

By using FoodStorm you can open up new order channels to ensure you’re reaching potential customers when and where they want to shop, without adding headaches to your order management process. With all order channels feeding into the same order management system, your team can save hours on repetitive and administrative tasks.

Additionally, FoodStorm is set up to integrate with various point-of-sale systems, multiple accounting software and is PCI compliant. This means no matter how you allow your customers to pay for their orders, FoodStorm has a solution for you.

2) Work order creation

Once an order is placed, FoodStorm helps you create prep sheets and work orders for your teams. If you have multiple locations and multiple departments, you can generate specific prep sheets and work orders per store and department, so your various teams only receive the items appropriate for them, resulting in reduced errors and more efficient management.

3) Order production

With each team getting their proper work order, the food preparation can begin. FoodStorm can be displayed for your kitchen staff to use like a Kitchen Display System, seeing what department needs to make what parts of each order. This can be customized to your specific operations, as FoodStorm can be configured to each business’s unique needs, only adding to the effectiveness of your teams.

4) Order fulfillment

The final step of the order process, fulfillment, is made simple with FoodStorm. Whether you offer delivery by your own fleet of vehicles, in-store pickup or even third party fulfillment, such as via an Instacart Shopper, FoodStorm can help you manage all this in one system.

FoodStorm can power your future in catering

For almost two decades the FoodStorm software has been improved and enhanced to better serve the needs of catering businesses. Now part of Instacart and helping build the future in grocery and foodservice technology, FoodStorm is leading the industry and delivering more value to our customers.

Contact FoodStorm today to learn how we can help your catering business now and into the future.

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