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How to Best Sell Your Grocery Catering and Prepared Food Offerings Online

How to Best Sell Your Grocery Catering and Prepared Food Offerings Online

The world is shifting online, and businesses finding new ways to successfully offer more convenience and value to their clients across digital platforms are enjoying exponential growth. While it may initially seem like an overwhelming amount of work to shift some operations online, with a clear process in front of you, it can actually be fairly straightforward. Advancements in the industry mean outsiders no longer have to rely on expensive web developers to build websites and connect key integrations. Instead, we explore the better ways businesses offering grocery catering and prepared meals can expand into the digital landscape and best sell online.

Establishing your digital presence

Websites are a digital storefront that potential and repeat customers view to assess your business’s selection of goods and services. For this reason, it needs to have a clean aesthetic, and offer a great user experience. Fortunately, this is easily done when you use the tools available within a website builder. These are platforms designed to help businesses create a secure eCommerce website in a fast, efficient manner without needing expertise in the field (and are available at significantly more affordable rates than hiring professional web developers). Website builders ensure your page performs just as well on mobile devices, can be found on search engines with optimization guidance, and include personalization capabilities to make sure the page feels like your own. FoodStorm, for example, offers a website builder specifically for grocery catering and prepared meal providers, with customizable templates, limitless pages, and software to handle the heavy lifting of running a successful business online.

You also need to select a domain for your website that demonstrates your service and authority within the industry. While most businesses will simply use their business name in their domain, it is also important to include keywords of your service, like ‘grocery’, ‘catering’, ‘shopping’, and ‘delivery’, to further assist search engines in finding your website as the most appropriate choice for audiences.

Embrace digital marketing platforms

If you are trying to build awareness and interest in your online grocery catering and prepared food services, digital marketing is a must. This includes promoting your business on the various social media platforms available, sharing helpful insights and value through content marketing, partnering with influencers, injecting your brand name before new audiences with online paid advertising, and so much more. This ensures your digital presence is promoted as far as your service locations permit, giving your target market ample opportunity to discover your brand, fall in love with the selection, and proceed to make their orders in a seamless journey. But don’t forget, you aren’t just selling prepared meals – you’re creating an experience, a reputation, a service that cannot be matched by others in the industry.

Integrate powerful online grocery ordering and delivery software

Once you are online, it is important to continue to refine your digital presence to maximize user experience, boost sales, and streamline operations – all of which can be done via industry-specific, online catering software solutions like FoodStorm. Easily integrated into your website, the FoodStorm platform allows grocery business owners to:

  • Enjoy greater visibility and management of prepared food orders on a single dashboard
  • Process invoices, packing slips, and run sheets
  • Appropriately manage order dispatches and track deliveries
  • Process payments and review outstanding amounts within flexible, secure finance systems
  • Create customized menus
  • Enable customer self-service features for easier use
  • And much more!

Essentially, FoodStorm supports end-to-end features that remove the manual work from your business, reduces errors, increases customer satisfaction, and provides greater insights into every aspect of online operations. Learn more from our team today on how this software solution may benefit your business.

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