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Feature Spotlight: Item Restrictions

Feature Spotlight: Item Restrictions

Holiday season is upon us which means many FoodStorm users will be serving up specialty items and menus, supplying the delicious meals and treats their customers enjoy when celebrating together. And how exactly does the FoodStorm system support this special (and hectic!) time of year? With our Item Restrictions feature!

What are Item Restrictions?

Item Restrictions allow you to prevent specific menu items or groups of items (called Packs in the FoodStorm system) from being ordered outside of a certain date range. You can also apply restrictions on the maximum quantity of an Item or Pack that can be ordered. The Item Restrictions feature is particularly useful in the following situations:

  • If you have a new product that can only be ordered after a certain date
  • If you have a product that can only be ordered for a limited time, such as over a holiday period
  • You want to limit how much of a product can be ordered by a customer
  • You want to provide a limited menu on a certain date, such as Thanksgiving packages

How do Item Restrictions help my catering business?

Being able to develop and serve new or seasonal menus and items throughout the year is a key way caterers of all types can keep their customers interested, and coming back time after time. With the Item Restrictions feature, you’ll be setting yourself and your business up for success by allowing your customers to order these items within the parameters you can provide them. Some examples of how Item Restrictions can help your catering business are:

  • Setting a specific date for which orders for an item can be placed so you know how many to prepare, such as allowing Valentine’s “dinner for 2” packages to be placed starting January 14.
  • Additionally, you can set a specific date for when you want to stop taking orders for specific items so you aren’t overextending your abilities, such as setting a stop date of February 7 for Valentine’s “dinner for 2” packages.
  • Creating stock limits, so customers can only order a specific amount of an item, such as only allowing each customer to order one Thanksgiving turkey to prevent selling out too early or over-ordering from a single customer.
  • Stock limits can be set per store location, so each store can manage their own inventory.
  • Offering items with a daily quantity limit, so if you can only make 100 hot cross buns each day for the weeks leading up to Easter, you can ensure no customer will place an order when you’ve run out for the day.
  • Sending warning emails to you and staff at chosen quantity amounts, so if you hit 50 orders for hot cross buns on a single day, you know you are half way sold out.
  • Powerful reporting to track stock limits across all store locations.

example of FoodStorm's Item Restrictions software feature in the user backend

Take control of your business with catering software

FoodStorm prides itself on being the most configurable catering software on the market. We ensure each and every one of our clients can have the control they need to most successfully run their business.

Get in touch today to learn how FoodStorm can put more control in your hands.

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