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Feature Spotlight: Marketing Integrations

Feature Spotlight: Marketing Integrations

Implementing software and technology to more efficiently market and grow your catering business is sound advice. But what happens when those systems fail to connect or communicate, creating unforeseen issues and adding to your administrative task list? Loads of manual work and potentially lost marketing opportunities. That’s where marketing integrations come in!

Ensuring the systems you have in place to market your business have the ability to integrate is paramount. This will enable you to streamline your operations and allow yourself more time to focus on strategy and content, rather than minute processes. FoodStorm’s work to integrate various marketing channels helps modern caterers of all skill levels set themselves up for success.

What are FoodStorm’s marketing integrations?

There are many marketing programs available to business owners and managers today, but at FoodStorm we’ve chosen to develop integrations with some of the leading systems that our customers have requested or consistently utilise. Currently, FoodStorm’s marketing integrations and plugins include:

How can these integrations help my catering business?

Determining what integrations to use depends on what your marketing strategy is and who your target markets are. But there are many ways in general FoodStorm’s integrations can help your catering business. Some main ideas include:

  • Sync your contacts to Mailchimp to run integrated email marketing campaigns:
  • Segment customers based on catering order types, such as corporate, event, or wholesale for custom messaging;
  • Set up different “Audiences,” such as new customers, repeat customers and large purchase amount customers, to send personalised campaigns to;
  • Create a referral program or rewards program for frequent flyer customers via email.
  • Connecting your catering menu to Google Retail so those searching on Google for catering services can shop directly from their search engine.
  • Having up-to-date business information listed on your Google Maps listing with current promotions advertised.
  • Allowing customers who find or follow you on Facebook or Instagram to see your current offerings and even complete their purchase directly on your social profile.
  • Link Clickatell to your FoodStorm system to send SMS messages to customers regarding their orders, customer feedback surveys or even last minute deals.
  • For almost any other integration not explicitly mentioned here, consider setting up a Zapier account where you can create “Zaps” to trigger events and sequences for thousands of programs to communicate that couldn't previously; the possibilities are endless!

example of a caterer's menu on Facebook via marketing integrations

(Pictured above: Brisk Catering’s Facebook Shop integration with menu listed)

Market smarter with a fully integrated software

FoodStorm understands the nuances of the catering and software industries, especially the importance of time and accuracy. Contact our team today to discuss how FoodStorm can help take your catering business to the next level.

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