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Feature Spotlight: AI Generated Menu & Storefront Images

Feature Spotlight: AI Generated Menu & Storefront Images

When selling something as visceral as food, any business will tell you having mouth-watering photos to accompany your menu is paramount. But one roadblock we consistently hear from our grocery retailers is they don’t have the resources to plan, execute, edit and manage a photo library of all their tasty menu items. Which is why FoodStorm is proud to announce Instacart’s first retailer-facing AI tool: FoodStorm’s AI Image Generator for Menus and E-commerce Storefronts!

What is FoodStorm’s AI Image Generator?

FoodStorm’s AI Image Generator is an easy to use tool now available in the FoodStorm Order Management System. It allows users to quickly create menu images or e-commerce storefront images, such as website promotional banners, with natural language prompts. This functionality is intuitive and includes features such as:

  • Generate AI images for your menu items and packs
  • Generate AI images for your FoodStorm storefront, such a promotional banners
  • Unlimited image generation with 4 options given for every prompt
  • Quickly and easily create images for configurable items, such as fillings, bread types, sauces and toppings
  • Instantly publish images to your FoodStorm storefront & in store kiosks
  • Publish images to FoodStorm-integrated Instacart storefronts, including Instacart App & Storefront Pro

Depiction of FoodStorm’s UI generating an image using AI of "apple wood smoked bacon" to add as a custom choice for a Caesar salad wrap.

How can FoodStorm’s AI Image Generator help my grocery prepared foods business?

FoodStorm’s AI Image Generator adds visually appealing imagery to your food menus and delivers e-commerce assets such as promotional banners to help boost the attractiveness of your offerings to customers with the intent of leading to more sales. More specifically, FoodStorm’s AI Image Generator can help businesses in ways such as:

  • Enhance your menus visually across multiple storefronts with beautiful imagery
  • Enhance your FoodStorm storefront visually with promotional banners, content imagery and more
  • Enjoy quick publishing to your FoodStorm storefront, kiosk and FoodStorm-integrated Instacart storefronts when you add new, refreshed or seasonal items
  • Avoid needing a whole production team and multiple weeks to get new menu items or options online and able to be viewed and ordered by customers

Boost your grocery food service business with FoodStorm

FoodStorm has over 15 years of experience in the catering and grocery food service technology industry and has helped hundreds of businesses worldwide transform their operations and streamline their processes. Our team continually develops and delivers industry-leading functionality to ensure our retailers can grow and scale their business with ease.

Contact us today to learn what FoodStorm can do for your business.

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