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Back of House with Melissa Brick

Back of House with Melissa Brick

Get acquainted with the human-side of FoodStorm as we sit down for monthly interviews with the people who power our business.

Melissa Brick, FoodStorm’s resident marketing Jill-of-all-trades, spends her days putting both sides of her brain to use delivering creative and productive projects. Melissa is a California native, leveraging a unique perspective for FoodStorm’s global expansion into the United States, and brings over five years of marketing and communications experience with a speciality in integrated campaign management.

1) What do you enjoy most about working at FoodStorm?

Coming from the healthcare industry where extensive, complicated processes are in place and red tap is a constant struggle, it is refreshing to be a part of a company and team where true innovation, agility and flexibility is not only prevalent, but celebrated. And getting to market a software that genuinely impacts people's businesses and lives in a positive manner is the cherry on top!

In a time where the catering and hospitality industry worldwide has experienced such hardship due to the pandemic, seeing my team listen to our customers to find out what they need to help their business and then executing that is incredible. We may be a small team, but our collective effort is mighty and it’s only up from here.

2) Where do you see the catering industry and catering technology going in the future?

Hailing from the Bay Area of California, cutting edge technology that sets new standards is the norm and a part of daily life. So coming to FoodStorm and seeing how our software is becoming an industry leader has felt like the natural progression of where catering technology, and thus the industry, is going in the future.

Bringing catering operations online is no longer optional, it’s a must to ensure your business can not only be found, but understood by customers searching online. Gone are the days where potential customers are willing to call, email or physically go into your business to find out information about your products and services. And with catering and hospitality being generally legacy industries where aggressive technology disruption has yet to take hold, this is going to be the main hurdle for caterers of tomorrow to jump. Luckily, with software such as FoodStorm, the modern caterer can find confidence in their technology partners to help set them up for success.

3) Tell us about your background that led to you joining the FoodStorm team:

My career didn’t start in software nor marketing, but in hospitality and food service. Through my education I studied hospitality management and sustainable tourism, working in hotels, restaurants and tour companies. I made the leap into technology when I helped with global events for a renewable energy company, which led to my role in marketing for a healthcare company. So you could say I somewhat reverse engineered my way into my current role with FoodStorm and boy am I happy to have found this team and company!

4) What are the values that drive you?

I am a firm believer in a “learn by doing” mentality, focusing on being hands on with projects, so I can better understand the intricacies of how things work, which I think makes me a better marketer and teammate. Along with that comes a propensity for constant curiosity and a “yes I can” attitude, which also helps me contribute to my projects and team morale.

5) How would you describe FoodStorm in 1 word?

Powerful 🦾

6) In another life, I’m pretty sure I was...

A professional breakdancer. When those beats come on how can you not bust a move?!

7) The best piece of advice I’ve been given was...

People will forget what you say and forget what you do, but people will never forget how you make them feel.

8) What are you currently playing, reading, watching or listening to? (i.e. videogame, book, tv series, podcast)

I am currently reading two Liane Moriarty books, Nine Perfect Strangers and Big Little Lies, and awaiting delivery of two Kazuo Ishiguro books, The Buried Giant and his new book, Klara and the Sun.

9) What’s next on your bucket list?

Prior to immigrating to Australia I was on a year-long, around-the-world trip, which was cut 6 months short due to the pandemic. My list is LOOONG with those 6 months lost, but my top spots to travel to next are: Jordan, Greek Islands, Slovenia and the Philippines.

10) If you were a professional wrestler, what would your Ring Name be?

“And now… coming into the ring… prepare yourselves for the wrath of... Night Hawk!”

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