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Feature Spotlight: Recurring Orders

Feature Spotlight: Recurring Orders

Many catering and food service businesses serve customers on a recurring schedule, such as supplying the same breakfast order for Monday meetings, providing a monthly lunch for a community group or even providing a daily delivery of baked goods to other businesses. To help with these ongoing, scheduled orders, the FoodStorm team has released our newest functionality that allows both catering staff and your customers to make specific orders a Recurring Favorite. Goodbye repetitive tasks, hello set it and forget it!

What are Recurring Orders?

Recurring Orders are when catering staff, or your customer who has created an account, makes a specific order a Favorite and then selects a recurrence pattern for that order to automatically repeat. For catering staff, this can be done in the FoodStorm administration system within the specific customer profile that recurring order is related to. For customers with an account, they can do this when placing an order online during the final step of the checkout process on your shopping cart. Then you’ll be able to see which customers have created which recurring orders in your FoodStorm system.

How do Recurring Orders help my catering business?

By having the option to create a recurring order schedule for specific customers, and also allowing your customers to create these schedules on their own, you are streamlining the order entry process. This can encourage more orders to be placed, boosting sales, and ultimately saves you time and helps reduce errors. Some examples of how Recurring Orders can help your catering business are:

  • Increasing the number of repeat orders, boosting overall sales and improving the predictability of your catering business.
  • Reducing the amount of times you have to enter the same order into your system, thus reducing the margin for error due to manual entry or simply forgetting.
  • Providing more consistent service to your customers with recurring orders so you and your team are always on top of your standing orders.
  • Creating better forecasting reports by knowing your recurring orders every week.
  • Giving your customers an extremely simple way to create a recurring order, encouraging them to continue using your catering services.

example of FoodStorm's Recurring Order software feature in the customer ecommerce checkout experience

Build Your Catering Future with FoodStorm

The FoodStorm team understands the nuances of the catering industry. We’re ready to partner with you wherever you are in your catering journey to establish and grow your business.  

Get in touch today to learn how FoodStorm can help.

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