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Reducing Paperwork in Your Catering Business

Reducing Paperwork in Your Catering Business

Paperwork is an integral part of your catering business, but we can bet it doesn’t rank high on your list of favorite activities. Filling out forms day after day can be an arduous and costly process. Spending time juggling between emails and spreadsheets can also mean less time spent on sales, leading to your business missing out on potential business opportunities.

Thankfully, you can now integrate catering software into your business processes to overcome the obstacles of manual document management. In this article, we’ll go through ways platforms like FoodStorm help your business in reducing paperwork.

Minimizing work on your part

In the past, you may have had to create a multitude of documents manually, including proposals, menus, shopping lists and invoices. The huge amount of paperwork cluttered your schedule and prevented you from focusing on improving customer experience.

But nowadays, an optimized software solution can do practically all the work for you. All you need to do is enter client data once, and the system will generate the necessary paperwork. This way, you’ll get dozens of proposals, invoices and reports instantly, saving you a lot of hassle.

Modern platforms also enable you to keep track of your calendar and dispatch employees from a single point. Therefore, you get a hub to manage critical business areas with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Eliminating room for error

Regardless of the size of your organization, order and delivery planning can make or break your operations. The outdated method of manually maintaining spreadsheets is cumbersome and prone to errors. There’s a high risk of data duplication for team members, delaying the process and resulting in poor customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, having software manage your paperwork lowers the chances of costly mistakes. It provides your team with an intuitive platform to communicate and access key details from a single location. Many solutions come with upfront and simple order dashboards, offering a broad picture of your company performance, too.

With cutting-edge software doing most of the work, you can empower your organization and hone in on critical areas of ensuring a better experience. Due to robust capabilities being used in your operation, like custom reporting and order tracking, you’ll focus more on your catering and less on pesky paperwork.

Reinforcing customer relationships

Gone are the days when you had to take orders through emails or phone calls, reducing your chances of developing strong customer relationships. With improved service, you can understand people’s needs better and increase loyalty.

Today’s catering software considers the significance of client satisfaction and offers a system where the caterer can obtain valuable insights. This includes data on previous orders, payments, and order changes. Monitoring these alterations in real-time ensures prompt action, and modern platforms play a vital role in this regard.

By adding instructions and notes accessible to all employees, timely delivery is virtually guaranteed. Additionally, catering software tracks sales history, allowing you to prepare supplies and organize in advance.

High-quality insights

Another segment of paperwork that can hinder productivity is manual production and delivery log management. Streamlined catering software solves this problem by providing detailed kitchen run sheets considering all of your order data, plus comprehensive analysis integral to making informed delivery decisions. Accurate and detailed analytics help you collect the data necessary for executing your duties effectively.

Many platforms also come with tailor-made reports to reduce manual input even further and expedite day-to-day duties. The systems can generate the data whenever necessary and export it in a range of formats. Consequently, you get the much-needed accuracy required to evaluate your processes and figure out if something needs changing.

Taking personalization to the next level

Having less paperwork also comes in handy when you want to fulfil specific customer requirements. With a powerful app instantly providing crucial information (menus, cost, calendars, staff scheduling, etc.), you can schedule personalized services without a hitch. For instance, in-depth software informs you about available bartenders, allowing you to match customers with their favorite option. Your clients will appreciate the effort, and be more than satisfied.

Boost your operations with FoodStorm

Paperwork is one of the dullest aspects of any business, including catering. Manual input can lead to significant losses, which is why integrating with software is a must. You’ll find no better solution than FoodStorm Catering Software. Our user-friendly platform has all you need to minimize paperwork duties and help your company thrive.

Contact us today and check out all the great features our software brings to the table.

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