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Feature Spotlight: Website Builder

Feature Spotlight: Website Builder

As modern business owners and managers know, having an online presence is a must. Ensuring your current and prospective customers can find out information about your company online should be a top priority for all decision makers. If you provide services or sell things, such as catering, having an eCommerce website can be crucial.

This can become a bit overwhelming for some catering companies. Generic website platforms aren’t made for the nuances of fresh food, namely catering eCommerce and backend order and production management. That means having to implement multiple website platforms, one for basic company information and content, like blogs, and one for eCommerce, which can be a headache.

Understanding these pain points, FoodStorm has created an all-encompassing, catering-specific website and eCommerce platform. Introducing FoodStorm's very own Website Builder!

What is the Website Builder?

The Website Builder allows catering businesses or other businesses who offer catering or pre-ordered food, such as restaurants, cafes, butchers and bakeries, to host their entire website on the FoodStorm platform, not just the eCommerce aspect.

FoodStorm users can use professional templates to build and style their website, matching their own brand. They will see instant updates made across their website with live self-publishing. Users can create unlimited content pages, such as Contact, About, Team Bios, Events, and even blog posts! No experience or professional web designer is needed, as the Website Builder was created to be intuitive, simple to use and quick to master.

How can the Website Builder help my catering business?

By using FoodStorm’s Website Builder for your catering business, you can now have a truly integrated online experience, reducing the stress of having multiple websites and listings to manage and update. All your information and online ordering in one convenient place. Some of the benefits include the ability to:

  • Customize your entire website including layout, colors, fonts and features, such as Quote Requests and Group Ordering, to best suit your operations and branding.
  • Update your website and eCommerce listings as often as you like with instant self-publishing. For example, it’s easy to change your homepage banner, update monthly specials or promote a new menu item.
  • Add unlimited content pages through our Content Blocks feature so you can host your entire website through FoodStorm. You can add FAQ’s, showcase certain menu categories and even run a blog!
  • Optimize your website for search engines (SEO) with the ability to include SEO meta information and even hook up Google Tag Manager if you want to track activity and traffic across your website.
  • Have all of your website and FoodStorm information in one place! When you add a new menu item in FoodStorm it will update on your website immediately. Or when you receive an order from your website, it’s already scheduled for production!

view of customer-facing website using FoodStorm's website builder feature

Let’s take your catering business to the next level

Contact us today to speak to our Software Specialists to find out how FoodStorm Catering Software can help host your website, automate your processes and grow your sales.

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