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Janssen's Market Case Study

Paula Janssen   GM & Owner

Janssen’s Market offer the finest gourmet foods as well as everyday necessities with a broad selection of organic, gluten-free and vegan foods. For three generations, Janssen's has provided fine food, an enjoyable shopping experience and outstanding customer service. Now offering full-service catering, from office lunches to weddings, to holiday catering, including dinners for two.

What challenges/problems triggered Janssen's Market to implement catering software and what were you looking for in a software solution?

We needed a way to manage the holiday orders that have increased over the last few years and wanted a solution that helped with production as much as customer management. I also wanted something that would be easy for the catering staff to use on a regular basis.

What system did you use before FoodStorm?

We had been using an access database to do our holiday catering management that I developed 15 years ago. We needed to move to a third party application with upgrades and multiple users.

What trends in the catering industry drove the need to use FoodStorm?

We were lucky to have started the process of moving towards using FoodStorm when COVID-19 hit. We could never have managed the volume of orders over the holidays without FoodStorm. The ability for customers to order online has helped us take more orders as well.

What made FoodStorm stand out over other software you researched?

My frustration in the past with catering software was that it didn’t make the connections between the different production areas of our business and items were forgotten to be produced unless the catering staff listed every item in every department. Other solutions helped with the planning and customer facing sides of the equation, but FoodStorm connected all the production departments too.

How did our team help with implementation?

Miranda and her team were wonderful. So responsive to our needs and ready to answer any question.

How has FoodStorm helped your business since implementation?

Due to COVID-19, holiday catering changed entirely. People weren’t ordering a side dish for 10 people, they wanted complete dinners for two people. As you can imagine, that takes a lot more labour and planning. We sold over 400 dinner packages for Thanksgiving, more than doubling the previous year. FoodStorm helped us with time and staff management by allowing us to do online ordering and professionalizing our production.

What have you been most impressed with being a FoodStorm customer?

Whenever I have a question, the FoodStorm team has been so quick to respond. They are open to feedback and always want to know how they can help us grow and use more of their software.

How has your customers’ experience changed since you implemented FoodStorm? Have they provided any feedback?

Customers loved the automated emails, including confirmations of their orders, payment confirmations and reminders to pick up their items!

What is your favourite FoodStorm feature?

I love the Customer Feedback options. We learned a lot from FoodStorm, making it easy for customers to give us comments and ratings. I was able to “save Thanksgiving” when a customer gave us 1 star because we missed giving them their Thanksgiving turkey in their order. I was able to deliver the turkey in time for dinner!

How would you review FoodStorm in 1 sentence?

A professional catering system that helps manage both the customer management side of catering as well as production.

Overall, how would you rate FoodStorm, 1-5? (1 = worst, 5 = best)

5 Stars!

Learn more about Janssen's Market here.

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