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Feature Spotlight: Abandoned Carts

Feature Spotlight: Abandoned Carts

It can be frustrating when you know you have potential customers looking to purchase some of your catering items, but then they leave before completing their order. And it can be even more frustrating when you don’t know that’s happening at all! That’s why our Abandoned Carts is quickly becoming one of our users’ favorite features.

What are Abandoned Carts?

Abandoned Carts are when a customer visits your online shopping cart to place an order, adds their items to their cart, but then doesn’t complete their purchase. FoodStorm allows you to track your abandoned carts with powerful features such as:

  • Viewing your abandoned carts in the FoodStorm admin system;
  • Sending automatic emails to customers to encourage them to complete their order, increasing the chance they make a purchase;
  • Creating a personalized email message, branded to match your online shopping cart;
  • Placing an order from an abandoned cart through the FoodStorm admin system.

How can Abandoned Carts help my catering business?

Abandoned Carts can help your catering business by providing increased chances of your customers completing the orders they start through reminders by you and your team. By having insight into potential customers and their progress through the purchase journey, you can reach out to help complete that process or connect with the customer if they have any questions before purchasing.

Our customers who use Abandoned Carts have recovered almost $100,000 in revenue in just a few months!

example of Abandoned Carts screen in FoodStorm's backend

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