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Back of House with Kateryna Baibakova

Back of House with Kateryna Baibakova

Get acquainted with the human-side of FoodStorm as we sit down for monthly interviews with the people who power our business.

Kateryna, Web Designer, spends her days translating ideas into captivating designs. Kateryna’s responsibilities include designing for print, media, emails, and a variety of marketing material. From creating a brochure to building a whole website, she has to adjust quickly to whatever task she’s about to endeavour. She’s striving to raise the bar on the company's visual representation by crafting modern compelling designs and collaborating with cross functional teammates.

1) What do you enjoy most about working at FoodStorm?

I love how passionate and committed everyone is to the work they do here, on the FoodStorm team and at Instacart more broadly. I enjoy listening to everyone’s daily updates on how we successfully signed up and helped another grocery retailer to simplify and digitize their business. And of course, I enjoy seeing my designs being utilized and appreciated by different audiences!

2) Where do you see the catering industry & catering technology going in the future?

I can't see these two industries slowing down their progress anytime soon, with technology evolving every day and people’s passion for beautifully-prepared and tasty food. Combining these two definitely solves the problem of spending too much time on managing and organizing, and provides more time for perfecting the food preparation.

I can also see family-run and smaller-sized businesses getting more popular, as people are preferring homemade, fresh, organic and healthy options these days. But at the same time, they can lack innovation and progressive technology that larger catering companies are quicker to adopt.

3) Tell us about your background that led to you joining the FoodStorm team:

My background is in Software Engineering, but after completing my bachelor’s degree, I decided that I wanted to develop my creative side, as I have a passion for arts and design. I undertook a Multimedia Design course, and with that I gained a hybrid knowledge and experience in both design and development. My previous roles were in Web Design and Development, UI and UX. My ideal workplace would have been a company that appreciates good design and is in a field I’m interested in or excited to learn about, which FoodStorm and Instacart fit perfectly!

4) What are the values that drive you?

Originality and perfection (to some point).

5) How would you describe FoodStorm in 1 word?

Thoughtful. The FoodStorm team finds an approach for every customer, being very attentive to their needs, cooperative and treating customer success as their own.

6) In another life, I’m pretty sure I was...

Living during the Victorian era. Something about that period makes me feel I’d fit in easily: architecture, elegance and grandiosity in art, fashion and literature. Living in the modern age and being a tech person, I find the past, where technological advancements were almost non-existent, very fascinating.

7) If you could invent a holiday, what would it definitely involve?

It would be a Holiday holiday! Where you have to travel to a destination you’ve never been to before. You would hear so many stories from your friends and colleagues the next day!

8) Cat-person or dog-person?

A dog-person! See my girl Sapphire (named after the precious gemstone) below.

black and brown dog laying in the grass

9) If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Being able to learn or pick up something very quickly. There is so much knowledge, history and things I don’t know yet, but there is never enough time!

10) What’s your favourite way to spend time off?

Seeing some nature and new sights. I enjoy hiking, staying the night at a beautiful nature spot, exploring different areas (even in my city), and trying different cuisines.

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