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Back of House with Connor Hutchinson

Back of House with Connor Hutchinson

Get acquainted with the human-side of FoodStorm as we sit down for monthly interviews with the people who power our business.

Connor, Software Engineer, spends his days tinkering with FoodStorm’s full stack of software to ensure we continually deliver world-class features to our customers. He also helps upkeep and implement new releases for customer shopping carts, providing the technical aspect of our customer support. Connor recently graduated from RMIT University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

1) What do you enjoy most about working at FoodStorm?

I really enjoy working within a close-knit, family-oriented environment with people who have a genuine care for each other, both in and out of the workplace. Having only joined FoodStorm in the past year, I already feel incredibly proud to be a part of a team that has such a passion for what they do.

I also love that we each have our own creative freedoms and the ability to discuss and expand on new ideas with a team that constantly has each others’ backs and best interests in mind.

2) Where do you see the catering industry & catering technology going in the future?

Catering has proven to be as strong as ever throughout COVID, especially thanks to the rise and need for online ordering.

Post-COVID I believe caterers still have much to look forward to in regards to catering technology. With FoodStorm recently joining Instacart, caterers and grocers are going to have a lot more coming their way in regards to being empowered online and in-store.

3) Tell us about your background that led to you joining the FoodStorm team:

Before FoodStorm, my experience was predominantly in management and supervisor roles within the hospitality industry, which equipped me with background knowledge of the catering industry as well. Whilst completing my computer science studies at RMIT, I was so excited to discover that FoodStorm, a catering software company built on a technology stack that I was already extremely passionate about, was so close to home; something quite rare out here in the suburban outskirts of Melbourne. I resonated with the team’s passion and workplace culture as soon as I met them, and knew this was the right place for me. I was fortunate enough to become a full-time junior developer for FoodStorm in mid 2021.

4) What are the values that drive you?

My main drive is knowing that the work I do makes a positive difference in the lives of others. It’s amazing to think that the code I write becomes something incredibly powerful for catering businesses around the world, and I’m proud of the fact that someone’s life has been made that little bit easier because of what I do at FoodStorm.

5) How would you describe FoodStorm in 1 word?


6) If you could invent a holiday, what would it definitely involve?

I would love to road trip around Scotland, all of Europe or New Zealand in a classic convertible 😎🚗 I‘ve always wanted to drive an E-Type Jaguar or something similar.

7) Cat-person or dog-person?

I am definitely a dog person! I can’t wait to get a pup of my own within the next couple of years.

8) What’s your favorite way to spend time off?

I love snowboarding and taking short trips to new places around Victoria or exploring Melbourne, which is something I have very much missed during lockdown.

9) What are you currently playing, reading, watching or listening to? (i.e. videogame, book, tv series, podcast)

I’m currently catching up on some staple comedy series, namely Arrested Development, Community and Silicon Valley.

10) What’s next on your bucket list?

Next up I’m hoping to build a house of my own with a big enough backyard for that dog I mentioned!

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