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Feature Spotlight: Department Reports

Feature Spotlight: Department Reports

Any caterer knows an integral part of their daily in-store operations includes reports for the food and orders needing to be produced that day. But what if your catering operations include multiple departments that need to collaborate on order production and fulfillment? FoodStorm solves that with our library of Department Reports! 

What are Department Reports?

Department Reports are a collection of several reports within the FoodStorm system that show orders for a given date broken out by department. So if your business has a bakery and deli department, your day’s orders can be organized under the appropriate department section. For example, if you had an order for a sandwich platter and custom birthday cake, the bakery would see the bread for the sandwiches and the cake, while the deli would see the full sandwich order. There are several reports in this library, including:

  • Production Logs - department views of items summaries, customer orders, and items and packs
  • Item Summaries - showing a specific date ranges summary of items or packs grouped by departments
  • Sales Reports - sales for each department over a specific date range


screencap of the Department Log report within the FoodStorm system showing Grocery Items and Produce Items for catering orders scheduled on August 16, 2022


How can Department Reports help my grocery catering business?

Department Reports are uniquely suited to benefit grocery catering businesses due to the nature of grocery stores generally having multiple departments, such as bakery, deli, produce, etc. By providing this type and level of detail for your grocery catering operations, you are able to reduce unnecessary administrative work, manual in-store tasks and inefficient communication. Some key ways Department Reports are beneficial include:

  • Clearly showing an overview of your orders for selected dates, organized by department
  • Reducing the need to print the same Order Report, then highlight all the items for specific departments
  • Minimizing the margin for error in manually dividing up order items by department, helping better serve your customers
  • Removing inefficient manual tasks for your kitchen staff, helping them focus more on order production and fulfillment

Partner with the software company that understands your needs

FoodStorm works closely with our partners to learn how our software can be enhanced to better serve real world needs. We are ready to partner with you no matter where you are in your catering journey and help you grow into the future.

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