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Feature Spotlight: Grocery POS Integrations

Feature Spotlight: Grocery POS Integrations

Grocery retailers and supermarket chains rely on a myriad of technology and software to ensure smooth and efficient operations. For those businesses that have launched or are wanting to develop a prepared foods and catering offering, finding and implementing additional software to help manage this new revenue stream can quickly become burdensome. Especially when that software doesn’t work well with their existing systems.

FoodStorm understands these nuances and knows making processes easier to manage leads to more innovation in products and boosts in sales. Which is why FoodStorm has worked to securely develop and implement integrations with the grocery industry’s leading point-of-sale software.

What are FoodStorm’s grocery point-of-sale integrations?

As experts in the grocery catering and software fields, FoodStorm knows that besides online ordering and order management capabilities, point-of-sale integrations are a key aspect to ensure smooth operations of any grocery retailer’s order ahead and prepared foods business. That’s why FoodStorm has developed integrations with the leading systems. Currently, FoodStorm’s grocery point-of-sale integrations include:

How can these integrations help my grocery catering business?

By integrating with the point-of-sale system you already have implemented within your grocery business, launching your FoodStorm system and eCommerce website is quick and easy, as your payment processes are already in place. Additional benefits include:

  • Central reconciliation for all your purchases, including from your cashier checkouts, self-checkout terminals, online eCommerce website and in-person kiosk.
  • Stock movement by department capabilities to ensure proper tracking.
  • Ability to produce barcodes for catering and prepared foods products so checkout at your in-store register is quick and easy.

Sell smarter with fully integrated software

Operating a grocery business is complex and nuanced, and when you add in prepared foods and catering, you could run into serious frustrations when your systems don’t work together.

FoodStorm is the only software built for grocery order ahead, prepared foods and catering. Contact our team of dedicated software specialists to learn how FoodStorm can boost your sales and sharpen your efficiencies.

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