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Feature Spotlight: Rapid Reports

Feature Spotlight: Rapid Reports

As experts in catering technology, the team at FoodStorm knows how vitally important it is for catering businesses to have reliable access to reports of many types. From Production Logs and Payments to Sales and Delivery Logs, there are many report types needed for smooth operations. That’s why FoodStorm has now launched Rapid Reports for all customers to have faster access to their relevant reports.

What are Rapid Reports?

Rapid Reports is the new reporting experience for FoodStorm customers. The new reports page gives users quicker access to reports specific to them, through a range of new features. FoodStorm offers dozens of reports and even the capability for custom reports built for each caterer’s specific needs. Some of the new features included in Rapid Reports are:

  • Most popular reports displayed when users first visit the Reports page
  • Users’ most frequently run reports displayed at the top of the page
  • A new date picker allows users to quickly run a report for today or tomorrow with just a few clicks
  • Organize Custom Reports by dragging and dropping them into their preferred order
  • Improved navigation of the Report Library with less scrolling
  • Improved access to reports from mobile devices and the FoodStorm App

How can Rapid Reports help my catering business?

As readers know, catering is a time-intensive and time consuming business where every hour counts. With FoodStorm’s new Rapid Reports page, users can gain immediate access to frequently run reports to increase efficiency, key data points and important operations projections. This easy to navigate, simple to use interface allows users a streamlined experience to ensure the most frictionless flow through their daily and recurring work.

moving image depicting FoodStorm's Rapid Catering Reports feature

Partner with software that understands caterers’ needs

FoodStorm understands the nuances of the catering software industries, especially the importance of time and accuracy. Contact our team today to discuss how FoodStorm can help take your catering business to the next level.

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