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Feature Spotlight: Group Ordering

Feature Spotlight: Group Ordering

Catering by nature involves groups of people, so why not give them all the power to order the food and drink they’ll enjoy the most? The Group Ordering feature allows event attendees to participate in the catering order process, reducing the headache of rounding up everyone’s preferences for the host!

What is Group Ordering?

Group Ordering lets customers who are hosting an event share an online link with their guests, allowing each guest to add their own food and beverage choices to the order. The host (or person who starts the Group Order) can then “lock” the order and proceed to checkout. A single order is placed, containing the choices of all the guests.

How can Group Ordering help my catering business?

Group Ordering can help grow your catering business by providing your customers even more choice and convenience when placing catering orders.

Clients have received Group Orders up to 230% larger than their average catering order.

This feature is perfect for:

  • Corporate meetings or private functions, allowing your customers and their guests an easy way to collaborate on their menu preferences;
  • Caterers who supply per-person food and beverage items;
  • Providing a simple way to ensure customers with dietary restrictions have control over what they will be eating and drinking.

What is the catering customer experience when using the Group Order feature?

1) Easily select “Start Group Order” from catering website

example of "start group order" button on a FoodStorm ecommerce site

2) Enter name and email, then a shareable link is generated

example of window that pops up when your start a group order on a FoodStorm ecommerce site
example of shareable link for other people to join group order on FoodStorm

3) Other guests receive the link via email or messaging and can order their items

example of a FoodStorm group order when you join someone else's link

4) The list of contributors is visible in the shopping cart

example of a joint shopping cart view on a FoodStorm ecommerce site

5) The order is then locked by the host and placed

view of the pop up window to lock a group order
view of a finished joint shopping from a FoodStorm ecommerce order

Ready to take your catering to the next level?

Contact us today to speak to our Software Specialists to find out how FoodStorm Catering Software can help automate your processes & grow your sales.

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