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Holidays No Grocery Caterer Should Skip

Holidays No Grocery Caterer Should Skip

It’s no secret that customers are back in full-swing celebration mode after the past few years. And with that rise in in-person parties, caterers have an opportunity to expand their business and increase their sales by marketing special occasion and holiday menus. We’ve put together a list of 10 annual holidays and celebrations that any grocery caterer should keep top of mind when thinking of how to grow their business.

10 holidays and celebrations to add to your catering menu 

Game Days

From the Super Bowl to March Madness, the World Cup to the Olympics, every year there are plenty of sporting events that bring people together for viewing parties. Be a part of those gatherings by developing sport-specific catering packages for your customers! 

Menu item ideas include: chicken wing trays, sliders, nachos and layered bean dip.

Valentine’s Day

Many people participate in the Valentine’s Day holiday, but with the state of the economy many people are looking for ways to celebrate while not breaking the bank. By creating “Valentine’s Dinner for Two” packages you can help your customers celebrate the international day of love while not blowing out their budget.

Menu item ideas include: steak and lobster for two, chocolate lava cakes, meals packages with an added floral bouquet.

Easter and Passover

With April having two gathering-centric holidays, it will be advantageous for any grocery caterer to create Easter and Passover menus to help their local communities celebrate these religious holidays.

Menu item ideas include: honey glazed hams, a full Easter brunch, gefilte fish, brisket and matzo ball soup.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Doing something special to celebrate the parents in our lives is never a bad idea. By creating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day menus you can help your customers show some love through food with their family.

Menu item ideas include: rack of lamb with all the trimmings, sirloin steaks with twice baked potatoes, or prime rib with seasonal vegetables.

July 4th and Summer BBQs

When the sun is shining and the days are long, everyone loves a good old fashion BBQ! Why not create a Summer BBQ menu, inclusive of a special July 4th section, to help your customers get outside and enjoy themselves with pre-made boxes they can simply throw on the grill?

Menu item ideas include: Hot dogs and hamburgers box, racks of ribs and cold salad sides, and a BBQ veggie deluxe tray.

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

If the communities you serve have a Jewish population, don’t miss out on supporting them during two of their biggest holidays in September.

Menu item ideas include: Challahs from your bakery, kreplach, and fish dishes.


Now this is a holiday where grocery caterers can be really creative! Help your customers celebrate the spookiest time of year with Halloween-themed menus, sweets and treats. 

Menu item ideas include: desserts such as worms in dirt (gummy worms in pudding), cookies with Halloween decorations, or even eyeball soup (meatball soup)!


Thanksgiving is the catering holiday of all catering holidays, continually proving to be the most lucrative time of year for FoodStorm grocery catering customers. Help your customers reduce the stress over Thanksgiving by providing full menus for them and their families.

Menu item ideas include: Thanksgiving turkeys, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls and even dessert pies.

Hanukkah and Christmas

Similar to Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas pose a huge opportunity to be a part of your community’s holiday celebrations by bringing them thoughtfully prepared catering items so they can focus on spending time with their loved ones.

Menu item ideas include: Hanukkah brisket, Christmas ham, specialty potato sides and latkes, holiday cookies and perhaps some mulled wine.


Round out your catering year with special New Year Eve items and menus, perhaps even giving your customers who order a special promotion to use once the new year starts!

Menu item ideas include: various canapés, champagne and nibbles packages, even “exploding cakes” filled with candy pieces to celebrate the countdown.

Partner with a catering software that makes holiday menu management easy

The FoodStorm team has spent almost two decades developing catering software that allows easy menu management so grocery caterers like you can make the most of their peak holiday season. To learn how FoodStorm can help take your grocery catering business to the next level, book a demo today.

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