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Back of House with Lachlan Mckelvie

Back of House with Lachlan Mckelvie

Get acquainted with the human-side of FoodStorm as we sit down for monthly interviews with the people who power our business.

Lachlan Mckelvie, UX Designer and Front End Developer, spends his days translating stories into software. He understands what our users think and the processes they move through, which helps make FoodStorm the cutting edge software it is. He designs beautiful websites for our users and functional features in our backend, making it incredibly easy for customers to manage their eCommerce and catering operations. A true visionary!

1) What do you enjoy most about working at FoodStorm?

We have such an amazing culture at FoodStorm, everyone here is truly the best at what they do and genuinely cares about our product and making our customers' lives easier. Not to mention the amount of fun and laughs we all have together, there’s never a dull moment.

On top of that, our Leadership Team empowers us to constantly upskill and innovate, allowing us to not only bring the best in ourselves to work, but to the product too. I’m truly lucky to have found FoodStorm and this team.

2) Where do you see the catering industry & catering technology going in the future?

Since COVID-19 hit, caterers have had to start rethinking the way they provide catering to their customers with more focus on delivering safe and hygienic meals. With all this change in the industry, it’s really been amazing to see how strong and resilient caterers have been adapting to these new processes.

As the world continues to open up and we move into the “new normal,” people will be returning to offices, planning their events and indulging in food-centric gatherings again. It’ll be essential for caterers to have the right software solution in place to handle the influx of orders and boost their online presence. At FoodStorm, we pride ourselves on working alongside our clients to continually innovate and provide the latest technology to keep caterers ahead of the curve. From group ordering and abandoned carts functionality to website builders and self-service kiosks, we’re always looking to give caterers the best solutions on the market.

3) Tell us about your background that led to you joining the FoodStorm team:

I’ve spent the majority of my career thus far working in the tech world. I originally started out in customer support and marketing before finding my passion in software design and development.

Having previously worked for marketing and development agencies, I wanted to take the knowledge I had gained and join a company where I had the opportunity to make a real impact. Then I found FoodStorm and the rest is history.

4) What are the values that drive you?

I’m a strong believer in hard work. No matter how smart, talented or gifted you are, a strong work ethic can get you anywhere you want to go in life.

5) How would you describe FoodStorm in 1 word?


6) If you could invent a holiday, what would it definitely involve?

A holiday that spans the length of the NBA finals 🏀.

7) Cat-person or dog-person?

Dog person! I have a menace toy poodle at home called Buddy 🐶. My daughter’s partner in crime!

small dog and baby looking out of a window

8) What’s your favourite way to spend time off?

I love spending my spare time getting out and about with my partner and daughter, and tackling some half-finished D.I.Y. projects around the house.

9) What are you currently playing, reading, watching or listening to? (i.e. videogame, book, tv series, podcast)

I’m currently bouncing around a few podcasts at the moment; Design Life, The Mismatch, and Hamish and Andy (mega fan). I’m also finishing reading Joel on Software and hoping to start The Ride of A Lifetime soon!

10) What’s next on your bucket list?

I’ve always wanted to travel to the U.S and attend an NBA game in person, hopefully international travel is back soon so I can make the trip!

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