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Who is the Foodservice Suppliers Association of Australia?

Who is the Foodservice Suppliers Association of Australia?

People from the Asia Pacific catering industry may be familiar with the Foodservice Suppliers Association of Australia (FSAA). It’s been operating for 16 years, but what exactly is the purpose of the organization?

In this blog we’ll explain the mission of the FSAA and go through the main benefits of becoming a member.

Who is the FSAA?

The FSAA is the leading national organization that represents suppliers from the foodservice industry. It was established when the Australian Foodservice Manufacturer’s Association decided to expand its representation. The group is dedicated to the personal and professional betterment of all foodservice industry suppliers in Australia.

FSAA members participate in a wide array of channels:

  • Food and beverage
  • Catering
  • Foodservice distribution
  • Foodservice equipment
  • Bakery equipment
  • Furnishings and table tops
  • Support services

What are the benefits of joining the FSAA?

The path to success is a lot smoother with strong relationships. The FSAA offers just that, with ample opportunities to meet incredible people from your industry. Here are the biggest advantages of becoming an FSAA member:

Cooperation with other industries

As a national organization, the FSAA lets you participate, voice your opinion, and obtain feedback from a huge community. With over 400 members throughout Australia, there’s a broad spectrum of suppliers from various backgrounds. This united representation ensures that FSAA’s views are considered by different sectors of the industry, including end-users and distributors. Additionally, the FSAA boasts a strong relationship with Australian and international bodies, such as the Restaurant and Catering Industry Association of Australia (RCA), Australia Food and Grocery Council (AFGC), GS1, and International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

Continual education and development

The FSAA regularly invites expert speakers and industry panels to their events. Every year, their Foodservice Today and Tomorrow Conference gathers recognized authorities together to discuss ongoing trends, topical concerns, market dynamics, and strategic matters concerning the foodservice sector.

There’s also a professional development initiative called the Understanding Foodservice Workshop. It offers a holistic overview of the industry using practical experience and theory. The activity benefits newcomers and veterans looking to grasp current trends.

In cooperation with the finest service providers, the FSAA has developed a modular Best Practice Program. The initiative is designed to enhance various skills, such as commercial presentation, customer planning, and negotiation.


FSAA’s mentoring program aligns the experience of their leaders with the needs of their members. It provides the kind of high-quality mentoring people need to take crucial steps on their way to becoming future leaders. The program offers much-needed advice and guidance to members on supplies, leadership, and skills necessary to achieve optimal results in their industry.

Outstanding networking opportunities

Cocktail events, dinners, and breakfast seminars across all states ensure plenty of opportunities to mingle with industry experts and colleagues. The same goes for the national Awards for Excellence and annual Foodservice Today and Tomorrow Conference.

Invaluable insights

Whenever possible, the FSAA provides members with copies of guest speakers’ lectures, along with videos and other written information. They get exclusive insight into crucial areas, such as customer service, supply chains, leadership, staff development, product introduction, sales, marketing, and innovation.

Business management scholarships

Each year, the FSAA’s member companies name candidates for the Business Management Scholarship. Three finalists give their presentations before several judges, and the winner is awarded a management course at the top-ranked Melbourne Business School.

Industry recognition

FSAA members earn a Certificate of Membership, and their organization’s logo is included on the FSAA’s website. This demonstrates people’s commitment to being conscientious corporate citizens through their backing of the association.

Cost cutting and discounts

By joining the FSAA, you’re entitled to exhibitor costs and discounted entry to Fine Food Australia, one of the finest trade events in Australia. Plus, the price of using FSAA paid offerings is greatly reduced, and many services are only accessible to members.

Newsletter and updates

Members gain access to the FSAA’s regular newsletter to receive quarterly updates and information about the latest changes in the industry.

Forging productive partnerships is key to success

As a catering company owner, joining the FSAA could be a wise decision. This is especially true if you’re making your first moves into the industry. First-class experts can shed light on crucial areas and help your business take off.

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